Purchasing a Domain

Google Domains has a wide range of custom subdomains which allows you to pick a shorter and cooler domain name while keeping the cost low. The platform also has the nicest and straight-forward interface, simplifying the DNS configuration.

Point your browser to Google Domains and create an account.

Search domains for availability and pick the one you’d like to purchase.

Add the domain to the cart and continue with the purchasing process.

Provide additional information if necessary.

Select your preferred privacy option.

Keep auto-renew option if you prefer for your domain registration to automatically renew.

Enter your contact information.

Provide payment information.

Purchase the domain.

Once you have purchased a domain from Google Domains, you may opt to purchase a subscription to G Suite which will provide you an email address with your domain name and access to a suite of productivity apps. This a great and inexpensive option to provide you with a set of business tools.


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