Installing Simple Build Tool

Simple Build Tool or SBT is a project build tool as well as a dependency manager. SBT will create a framework architecture, download the libraries, run the project in the debug mode, and build the production version of the application.



Browse to Scala SBT Download.

Scroll down to All Platforms and click on the top ZIP file, for example:

Extract the archive and copy the sbt directory into your home directory.


Open Terminal.

Set permission to read, write, and execute.

chmod -R 700 sbt/bin/sbt

Open the Bash Profile.

nano .bash_profile

Add the following line to the end of the file:

export PATH=/Users/username/sbt/bin:$PATH

Username is your user name.  For example,
export PATH=/Users/john/sbt/bin:$PATH

Save and exit: ctrl+o and ctrl+x.

Close Terminal.


Open Terminal and verify that SBT has been installed.

sbt --version

You should see the SBT version information printed out.

Close Terminal.

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